You have a commercial project and you want DropClean services.


Your job requires a wind of freshness?

Does your company renovate and the constructions have taken their toll?

 Post-construction and depth cleaning for :

  • residential and commercial construction projects;
  • office renovations, rental spaces, warehouses, factories, etc .;
  • new constructions;
  • major projects;
  • renovations and expansions of houses, businesses, garages, warehouses, factories, etc.

DropClean Advantages :

  • Speed and efficiency
  • Discretion and confidence
  • Specialized and varied interview
  • Advanced equipment
  • Recognized and proven know-how


Who is DropClean aimed at?

Contractors and project managers in construction. DropClean specializes in cleaning after construction or renovation. We believe that the delivery of each of your projects deserves the DropClean final touch.

Contact us  at our toll free number +1 888-275-2585



Our Guarantee

We invite you to read the equipment and machinery that will be used during the cleaning activities. However, if there is a breakage during the cleaning operations, DropClean Services will assume full responsibility for informing the customer of the breakage and will cover the repair costs.

Please note that all our services are covered by a comprehensive insurance policy.




Our Equipment

Hill Injection ™ is a commercial steam cleaner designed for both professional and residential use. This is without a doubt the most powerful appliance in its class, producing steam at temperatures up to 345 ° F / 175 ° C. To clean the dirtiest surfaces, it is possible to add detergent to the steam, which will make it easier to degrease and remove stubborn stains.


Discover the steam cleaning